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2015 International Humanitarian Woman of the Year, Barbara Karnes, RN, is an internationally respected speaker, educator, author and thought leader on matters of end of life. She is a renowned authority to explain the dying process to families, healthcare professionals and the community at large.

While at the bedside of hundreds of people during the dying process, Barbara Karnes RN noticed that each death was following a near identical script. Each person was going through the stages of death in almost the same manner. And most families had the same questions. These realizations led Barbara to sit down and write "Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience", the book that changed an industry. "Gone From My Sight" has been in print continuously since 1985 and has sold over twelve million copies.

"New Rules for End of Life Care," Barbara's most recent project, is starting conversations and garnering awards - in this country and around the world. It is a 25 minute film in which Barbara compassionately explains the stages of the dying process, talks about behavior changes as they pertain to food, sleep, and withdrawal, and addresses issues relating to the use of narcotics, addiction, and overdosing.

“We don’t understand that there’s a normal, natural way of dying,” she says. “My goal is to help neutralize the fear that families and significant others bring to the bedside during the end of life experience.”

AWARDS: 2015 International Humanitarian Gold Award in the WORLD HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, 2015 TELLY AWARD WINNER for Heath and Wellness and 2015 COMMUNICATOR AWARD WINNER, Gold Award of Excellence: Film/Video on Social Issues. It won a 2015 Gold Award in Consumer Education Programs from THE NATIONAL MATURE MEDIA AWARDS and a Merit for Books/ Publications from THE NATIONAL MATURE MEDIA AWARDS as well as a 2015 Gold Award in Total Health Information Programs from the NATIONAL HEALTH INFORMATION AWARDS. 2015 finalist in the CONTENT MARKETING AWARDS.

FILM FESTIVALS: The film has also garnered a 2015 International Award of Merit from the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FOR ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH AND CULTURE (IFFEHC). It's an official selection in the GLOBAL HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL 2015 in London. As well as an official selection for FILM FEST 52 in Connecticut, THE AWARENESS FESTIVAL 2015 in Los Angeles, the GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL 2015 in Chicago and is being screened at the WORLD HUMANITARIAN AWARDS in Jakarta.

We are thrilled and proud to be a part of the Awareness Festival 2015.

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